Part V - Standard 571 Appendix M - On Type Maintenance Training Courses

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 2017-2

Content last revised: 2000/12/01

(amended 2000/12/01; no previous version)

[subsection 571.11(4) of the CARs refers]

1. This appendix sets out the specifications for the course of maintenance training, hereinafter called a type course, that is required pursuant to subsection 571.11(4) of the CARs.

Information Note:

Type courses are intended to provide Aircraft Maintenance Engineers with the necessary level of knowledge to sign a maintenance release for the type of aircraft, engine or avionics system concerned.

2. An approved training organization (ATO) or an approved maintenance organization (AMO) may be authorized by the Minister to provide type courses provided that the organization publishes, subject to section 10, the specifications of this appendix in its policy manual, and:

(a) is the holder of an applicable ATO certificate issued pursuant to section 403.08 of the CARs, and conforms to Division II of Standards 566; or

(b) is, subject to section 4, the holder of an applicable AMO certificate, issued pursuant to section 573.02 of the CARs, and complies with the specifications set out below.

3. Where the Minister authorizes an AMO to provide type courses, the authorization shall be limited to training employees of the AMO.

4. In order for an AMO to be authorized to provide a type course to self-employed AMEs, or to AMEs employed by another organization, the AMO shall hold an ATO certificate issued pursuant to section 403.08 of the CARs.

On Type Maintenance Training Specifications Applicable to AMOs

5. Prerequisites

An AMO requesting authorization to provide type courses, shall establish competency prerequisites to ensure that students to be enrolled in the course are capable of understanding the course material.

6. Training outline

(a) Except for the requirements of section 566.10 of Standard 566, the training outline standards specified in subsections 566.18(1) to (7) inclusive shall be met by the AMO.

(b) The length of the aircraft, airframe, engine or avionics system type course shall be determined by the complexity of the type involved and, in all cases, shall be of a reasonable duration to ensure that the course objectives are met.

(c) In the case of a type course on a specific aircraft type, the curriculum shall cover the entire aircraft including airframe, engine interface, engine, propeller and avionics systems.

(d) Upon successful completion by a student of a course referred to in paragraph (c), the AMO shall provide a certificate to the student attesting that the student has met the training requirements in respect of the aircraft type and specifying the applicable engine type covered by the course.

7. Facilities

An AMO shall provide or have access to facilities appropriate to the course content requirements, except that:

(a) if simulators or mock-ups are used, they shall be located in a separate area of sufficient space to contain this equipment in an acceptable fashion for display, inspection and operation; or

(b) if aircraft are used, hangar facilities shall provide sufficient space to contain an aircraft and required shop equipment to either:

(i) disassemble, inspect, maintain, overhaul, adjust and assemble aircraft; or

(ii) locate, inspect, troubleshoot, perform functional testing and explain the function of various areas and components of an aircraft.

8. Reference Material

An AMO shall develop a course training manual containing all the subject material covered and provide each student with a copy thereof, and shall ensure that the following publications are available to students and maintained up-to-date:

(a) Maintenance Manual;

(b) Overhaul Manual;

(c) Structural Manual;

(d) Parts Manual;

(e) Bulletins or Instructions; and

(f) Airworthiness Directives.

9. Class Size

The number of students enrolled in the course shall be consistent with the size of the room and the kind of equipment utilized for the presentation of the course material, where each student is provided reasonable workspace, with an unobstructed view of all presentations and training aids.

10. One Time Delivery of Type Courses

(a) An AMO may, under special circumstances, request authorization for a one time (one-off) delivery of a type course for each particular aircraft type, in which case a formal amendment to its policy manual is not required, provided that supporting documentation is submitted to the Minister prior to obtaining approval, indicating the alternative methods of compliance to the course specifications.

(b) Subsequent type courses provided by the AMO, shall conform to all the course requirements applicable to the provision of on type maintenance training under this appendix.

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