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Aircraft Load Ratings

With the publication of TP 312 5th Edition – Aerodrome Standards and Recommended Practices and to align with international practice, it is the intent that the standard method for pavement bearing strength reporting will be the ICAO Aircraft Classification Number - Pavement Classification Number (ACN-PCN) method.  Aircraft Classification Numbers (ACN's) are available from the aircraft manufacturers.

Airports are encouraged to use the ACN-PCN methodology specified in TP312 5th Edition.  The historical Transport Canada Aircraft Load Rating/Pavement Load Rating (ALR/PLR) system will be phased out within the next 3 years.  The table of Aircraft Load Ratings (ALR’s) currently available for downloading will not be updated.

Download Table of ALR (46 KB)

Pavement Design and Evaluation Charts

"Pavement Design and Evaluation Charts" are available for selected aircraft. These charts are based on historical Transport Canada pavement design/evaluation methods and define the pavement thicknesses required to support the aircraft for the range of subgrade soil strengths normally encountered. Charts are available for both flexible and rigid pavement structures.

List of available aircraft pavement design/evaluation charts (24 KB)

  • A (2348 KB)
  • B (3056 KB)
  • C-D (2442 KB)
  • E-K (1686 KB)
  • L-Z (1732 KB)
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