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Use Laser Pointers Safely and Legally

Use laser Pointers Safely and Legally

Avoid possible prosecution Never aim laser pointers at any aircraft Report any laser misuse to the appropriate authorities
Never aim laser pointers at any aircraft!

Aiming a directed bright light (DBL) source into the cockpit of an aircraft is a federal offence because it jeopardizes aviation safety. These light sources are also hazardous to pilots and threaten passenger safety.

Distracting or flashblinding pilots is dangerous

Pointing a laser into the cockpit of an aircraft is a serious potential threat to aviation safety.

The three possible consequences of this action, from least to most hazardous, are: distraction (distracting but the pilot can see past the light), glare (when the pilot cannot see past the light), temporary flashblindness (blocks vision during and after exposure as with a camera flash). In the worst-case scenario, these effects could cause a major accident.

This image demonstrates the visual effects hazards and hazard distances of a 5 mW green laser pointer.

This image demonstrates the visual effects hazards and
hazard distances of a 5-mW green laser pointer.

It is illegal

If convicted of pointing a laser into an aircraft cockpit, the offender could face the $100,000 maximum fine under the Aeronautics Act, imprisonment of up to five years, or both penalties.

Transport Canada is working with various police authorities, other government departments, and the aviation industry to enforce this law.

What you can do

If you witness any laser DBL activity that may jeopardize aviation safety, please report it to your local police authorities.

If you are planning on projecting a DBL source into navigable airspace, please complete a notice of proposal form 1.

If you encounter laser illuminations or other DBL sources while in flight, please complete the DBL incident reporting form 1.

1Please download the form, save it to your computer, and then open it from your computer to compete it. You may experience an error if you try to open the form from this hyperlink.