Template for the Development of an Airport Wildlife Management Plan


12. Goals and Objectives

The Goal of this Airport Wildlife Management Plan (AWMP) is to promote aviation safety for passengers and flight crews by reducing wildlife hazards and associated risks to aircraft and airport operations caused by wildlife activities on and in the vicinity of the airport.

The purpose of Section B is to identify management techniques that will be implemented to address the hazards and risks identified in Section B of this document.

The objectives of Section B of the AWMP are to:

  1. Determine and implement wildlife management actions for the airport;
  2. Identify required actions around the airport;
  3. Establish a monitoring program for all aspects of the AWMP, including performance monitoring and annual reporting;
  4. Establish communication procedures with respect to wildlife hazards;
  5. Describe the training program, roles and responsibilities; and
  6. Identify research needs that would assist the improvement of the XXX Airport Wildlife Management Plan.
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