Template for the Development of an Airport Wildlife Management Plan


16. Establishment of Performance Indicators and Self-Assessment

The establishment of performance indicators is critical to help determine the need for enhancement or modification. It is also very necessary because actions to reduce one wildlife hazard will inevitably result in improved conditions for some other wildlife species. When inadvertent effects such as these result in an increase in hazards, this must be recognized and addressed.

The seven primary measurements of performance in this plan are:

  1. The number of wildlife strikes;
  2. Strike rate;
  3. Damage associated with strikes;
  4. Individual species' hazard assessments;
  5. Feedback from airport users;
  6. Risk rankings for this airport; and
  7. The status of action items that have been recommended in the plan.

Strike data will be generated from the monitoring program and the annual strike report that must be filed with the Minister prior to March 01 of each following year. Although this airport is interested in reducing the overall strike rate independent of air traffic movements, it is true that more strikes are likely when air traffic increases. Therefore, the strike rate will also be measured per 10,000 air traffic movements. A discussion of damage related to strikes will also be provided, as strikes that do not produce much or any damage may not be treated with the same level of concern as damaging strikes.

The hazard and risk assessment will be updated and compared to the previous assessments in the AWMP every two years (or earlier if there is a significant change in hazards or risk). A discussion of any changes will be provided.

Feedback from airport users will be sought and reported in time for each two-year update this will help determine if the wildlife program is being responsive to their needs.

The final performance measurement will be the extent to which action items in the plan have been instigated. A list of action items is provided in Section 17; this will be put into tabular form for the updated AWMP and the status of the proposed actions will be noted.

Taken together, these seven measurements will form an effective and objective measurement of performance of the AWMP for this airport.

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