Template for the Development of an Airport Wildlife Management Plan


21. Research Projects

Occasionally a research need will be identified. This may be related to a proposed change in habitat management. A good example is changes to grass height, which are very much airport-specific. When a target grass height is increased for infield grass to dissuade certain species (e.g., European Starlings and Killdeer), this may increase habitat opportunities for other species (e.g., Sandhill Cranes and deer). A small-scale research project may be needed to determine which option works best in the overall framework of wildlife management.

Any necessary studies to ensure that unacceptable effects of the proposed habitat change do not outweigh the benefits, will be documented in this section in future updates to this AWMP. Documentation will include a summary of the purpose and objectives of any initiatives, the methods to be employed to satisfy the objectives, and timelines for the project. Future updates or special reports (e.g., to Bird Strike Committee Canada) will provide the results of the research.

Current priorities for research at this airport are:

[Insert any priorities here, an example is provided below.]

  1. Gull movements and behaviours associated with the landfill site and other gull attractants in the vicinity.
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