Template for the Development of an Airport Wildlife Management Plan


3. Goals and Objectives

The Goal of this Airport Wildlife Management Plan (AWMP) is to promote aviation safety for passengers and flight crews by reducing wildlife hazards and associated risks to aircraft and airport operations caused by wildlife activities on and in the vicinity of the airport.

The purpose of Section A of this report is to establish through a risk assessment procedure, and a screening process, whether the requirements of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), Part III, Subpart 2 - Airports, Section 302.304 - Airport Wildlife Planning and Management, apply to this airport.

When a wildlife management plan is required, the results of the risk assessment will be used to guide and inform the plan, and as a tool to measure future changes in the hazard and risk assessments.

The objectives of Section A of the AWMP are to:

  1. Identify and review existing sources of wildlife information for the area;
  2. Identify wildlife hazards on and near the airport;
  3. Identify seasonal patterns related to hazards; and
  4. Undertake a risk assessment and prioritize wildlife management efforts.
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