Template for the Development of an Airport Wildlife Management Plan


5. Identification of Sources for Existing Information on Wildlife

The hazard and risk assessment in this document is based on existing information sources and/or on wildlife inventories that have been undertaken expressly for the purpose of developing this AWMP. Data from information sources listed here will be used in Section 7 of the Plan, which is a description of wildlife habitat resources.

Table 3. Sources for Wildlife Information - On the Airport

[The examples of reports provided below are to be substituted.]

Document/Source Type of Information Located
• XXX Municipal Airport: An Assessment of Impacts on Wetland and Aquatic Resources. XYZ Consultants 2002. Report prepared for the airport. • Flora and fauna of airport; wildlife hazards, review wildlife management actions taken • Airport office
• Wildlife Management database • Detailed information on White-tailed Deer and Coyote occurrence and location data. Also data on wildlife kills conducted under permits • Airport office

Table 4. Sources for Wildlife Information - Outside the Airport

Document/Source Type of Information Located
• Regional Conservation Authority • Limited available information • 
• Local naturalist club • Some information on birds of the site, reported in existing documents • 
• Audubon Christmas Bird Count (CBC) data • Several CBCs in area providing information on typical winter birds in area • On-line at:

Table 5. Sources for Information on Wildlife Species of Conservation Concern

Document/Source Type of information Located
Provincial Natural Heritage
Information Centre
Maintains occurrence
data for rare species
Federal Species at Risk data,
COSEWIC reports
Local Conservation Authority    
Local Naturalist Club database    
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