Template for the Development of an Airport Wildlife Management Plan


6. Strike Data

The annual reporting of strike data are required by the CARs. These data can be a valuable source of information on existing hazards. As a higher percentage of strikes are recorded and reported, this source of information will increase in value. The following table provides a brief summary of strike data for this airport since 1985. [Source from Transport Canada and airport files.]

Table 6. Strike Data for XXX Airport

Date Aircraft Wildlife Species and Number Phase of Operation Effect on flight Comments

**Airport strike history reports can be obtained from Transport Canada upon request.

At this airport, the total number of wildlife strikes per 10,000 movements prior to the implantation of this regulation has not been recorded [or insert strike rate]. The number of wildlife strikes per 10,000 movements recorded after implantation of the regulation will be provided in this section of future updates to this AWMP.

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