2.5 Phase IV: Initial Operations

2.5.1 Overview

In this phase the applicant implements the Qualification or Continuing Qualification curriculum, in accordance with the approved AQP documents. This phase of the curriculum calls for the initial operation of the AQP in a “probationary” status for a minimum of two years.

2.5.2 Phase IV Activities

During Phase IV, the applicant will implement and complete a full evaluation of the AQP. This will include collecting program audit data and individual performance/proficiency data, analysing the results and producing reports. In addition, the applicant will continue to enhance and expand their quality assurance program to maintain instructor and evaluator performance (i.e., mentorship program), curriculum and courseware concurrence, suitability, and adequacy. Collected data will be used by:

  1. The air operator for its internal quality control program to maintain curriculum and courseware concurrence, suitability, and adequacy.
  2. The air operator to analyze and validate flight crewmember performance.  
  3. The air operator and Transport Canada to analyze and validate instructor and evaluator performance.  
  4. The air operator and Transport Canada to support analysis for special subjects, such as CRM performance factors.  
  5. Transport Canada to analyze and validate curriculum performance.  
  6. Transport Canada to analyze and validate program development, implementation and maintenance procedures

2.5.3 Revisions to Training Programs and AQP Documents

The focus of this phase is the validation of the AQP curriculum by acquiring performance/proficiency data and lessons learned in the course of conducting the curriculum for 24 months. Applicants will summarize the lessons learned and adjustments made to the curricula in an annual AQP report described in 2.7.1 as well as in Appendix C. In addition, adjustments made to the AQP will be reflected in revisions to the approved AQP documents. Performance/proficiency data must be of sufficient reliability and validity to reasonably enable conclusions concerning the effectiveness of the curriculum. Transport Canada approval of these revisions to the AQP will qualify an applicant for entry into the final phase of the AQP process: Phase V, Continuing Operations.

2.5.4 Authorization

Transport Canada’s authorization to proceed with the implementation of continuing operations, following a satisfactory assessment of Phase IV activities and outcomes, marks the end of Phase IV and the entrance into Phase V.

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