2.6 Phase V: Continuing Operations

2.6.1 Overview

In this phase, the applicant continues operation of the AQP unless Transport Canada withdraws authorization or unless the applicant withdraws or modifies the AQP. This phase requires the maintenance of the AQP approved documentation and updated documentation of the data requirements for all curricula.

2.6.2 Data’s Impact on Continuing Operations

Data will continue to be collected and analyzed by the applicant and regularly audited by Transport Canada for verification of student, instructor and evaluator proficiency.  Data will also be collected and analyzed by the applicant for:

  1. Continued validation of the AQP;
  2. Identification of requirements for curriculum changes; 
  3. Program maintenance.

2.6.3 Quality Assurance

For AQP to succeed, each applicant must pay particular attention to overall program quality assurance. Continued validation of performance/proficiency data of the individual and team, as achieved and maintained by all personnel, is particularly important. This quality assurance would also include the performance of all instructors and evaluators.

Continued validation of overall program completeness, accuracy, and currency, as provided by the Performance Audit Data Base (PADB), is also very important. Elements of program control should ensure that quality in proficiency is maintained throughout. The air operator’s continued commitment to identify and execute required changes is essential to a successful AQP. Transport Canada will expect any AQP quality assurance program to identify needed changes in instructor and evaluator performance, curriculum, courseware and equipment, and to make these changes before unwanted trends in reduced proficiency manifest themselves. A proven and well-established quality assurance program will allow the air operator to take advantage of several benefits. These benefits include, among others, the application of data derived matrices, extended training and evaluation cycles and biennial OEs.

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