2.7 Document and Reporting Requirements

2.7.1 Overview

The approved AQP documentation establishes the applicant’s regulatory requirements for the particular training program. This fact makes it imperative that the applicant develops a document structure that is organized and standardized. The structure must ensure that the information contained within the AQP documents will be used and translated down to the lowest level of training guidance. It must allow the applicant’s entire organization to easily access and use the contents. Transport Canada has established a list of the minimum documentation required for AQP. The applicant may want to develop additional materials in support of their AQP.

  1. Documentation Required by Transport Canada

    Each document contains unique information that is integral to the AQP that will be used when developing subsequent curricula. A majority of the documents, once developed, will require periodic updates and therefore are subject to the revision control process.

    These documents should be submitted to Transport Canada in electronic format:

    1. Application/Administration Document;
    2. Job Task Analysis (JTA);
    3. Qualification Standards;
    4. Instructional Systems Development (ISD) Methodology;
    5. Curriculum Outlines; 
    6. Implementation and Operations (I&O) Plan; and
    7. Annual AQP Report.
  2. Document Structures

    Figure 2-8 provides an example of an AQP document structure. It is not required that an applicant follow this structure. However, the document structure that is adopted must easily identify the location of the AQP documents and more specifically, the required AQP information. If the AQP documentation is part of a subset of other manuals, a method should be developed to identify the manual and the specific AQP document that it contains.
  3. Annual AQP Report

    AQP requires that each AQP certificate holder prepare an annual report for TC (see Appendix C for specific requirements). This report is based on the certificate holder’s analysis of the data that is collected during training and at strategic points (validation/evaluation gates) in each curriculum and maintained in the PPDB. AQP requires data collection and analysis in order to establish and maintain quality control of curricula for flight crewmembers, instructors, and evaluators. Actual adjustments made to the AQP are reflected in revisions to the approved AQP documents. The report should be submitted to TC no later than 60 days past the end of the report period. The reporting period is usually based on the authorization date for a particular curriculum in either phase IV or V. During AQP development, particularly for multiple fleet operators, with different authorization dates for multiple curricula, the reporting period may be modified (as agreed upon by TC and the certificate holder). Once the certificate holder has all its fleets and curricula into phase V, the reporting period can be fixed into a particular cycle. Copies of the report should be distributed to the POI at least 2 weeks prior to the annual AQP review meeting.

    The annual AQP report should summarize the lessons learned and adjustments made to the curriculum(s) during the reporting period. The report should also include projected or proposed changes to the curriculum(s) based on the certificate holder’s current analysis. As a minimum, the specific content of the annual report should consist of the following:

    • An analysis of the information contained in the Performance and Proficiency Database,
    • Identification of any negative trends and potential deficiencies that could result in decreased proficiency,
    • A description of corrective measures taken and any resulting changes to curricula,
    • Any changes to AQP maintenance strategy,
    • A comparison of data between equivalent periods in preceding reporting periods,
    • Any future operational changes that will affect the AQP, and
    • Any additional safety data or information relating to flight crew performance and procedures which were considered by the air operator in applicable AQP training and evaluation strategies.
  4. Annual AQP Review – Phases IV and V

    An annual AQP review meeting between TC and the certificate holder should be held to coincide with the submission of the annual AQP report in phases IV and V. The purpose of the meeting is to formally discuss the results of the certificate holder’s data analysis, program revisions, future revisions and the analysis of the data that is submitted to TC. Additional information is available from Appendix C.

    Fig 2–8:  Document Structures Chart

    List of Effective Pages

    Section I – All Organizational Standardized Documents:
    Application/Administration Document
    Instructional Systems Development Methodology
    Implementation and Operations Plan

    Section II - Qualification Training Curricula
    Task Analysis
    Qualification Standards
    Curriculum Outline
    Data Acquisition/Grading Forms

    Section III - Continuing Qualification Training Curricula
    Curriculum Outline
    Data Acquisition/Grading Forms

    Appendices A and B provide a more comprehensive listing of AQP documents. 

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