3.1 Documentation Review and Approval

3.1.1 Overview

This section establishes how Transport Canada reviews, grants or withdraws an authorization for all or part of an AQP.  Specific document content is discussed in Chapter 2.

3.1.2 Review Process

Chapter 1 of this document discusses the roles and responsibility of the Transport Canada personnel involved with AQP. Transport Canada prefers to interact closely with applicants as AQP documentation is developed.  Experience has shown that it is more efficient for Transport Canada to discuss plans and review rough drafts of document sections early in the development process. The submission of finished documents then becomes more of a formality, with minimal changes.

3.1.3 Approval Process

Applicants develop, implement and operate the AQP in five sequential phases. Transport Canada authorizes entry into the subsequent phase once it is satisfied that all requirements of the previous phases have been met.

  1. Approval Authority

    The air operator’s designated POI will co-ordinate the review and approval of all AQP document revisions in each phase of an AQP. Upon written recommendation of the POI, Transport Canada will issue approval of specific documents and revisions. 
  2. AQP Quality Assurance Team 

    Developing and implementing an AQP requires a commitment of resources from both Transport Canada and the air operator. Transport Canada and the air operator must use their resources in an effective and efficient manner to fulfil this commitment. In order to provide a clear delineation of Transport Canada expectations regarding reasonable progress towards AQP implementation, Transport Canada requires that the operator establish an internal AQP Quality Assurance team from the start of the program. This team should, at least, be composed of AQP curriculum design, data, instructor and evaluator specialists and fleet specific Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). 

    Note: Further information can be found in Section 5.3 Quality Assurance and Standardization
    The AQP Quality Assurance team will report to the AQP manager. Roles and responsibilities of this team will involve the conduct of quality assurance activities throughout the development phases of the program. The team will make recommendations to ensure that the program is in compliance with the CARs (as applicable), AQP philosophies and methodologies as well as company approved AQP policies and procedures. The role of this team is especially important during Phase III (Small Group Try-outs (SGT)) where the initial transition from the traditional training program to AQP takes place. 
    The AQP manager shall be responsible for ensuring that recommendations originating from the team are properly addressed and implemented as deemed appropriate. The implementation of the team’s recommendations shall be made prior to Transport Canada’s program validation exercises. Transport Canada shall be notified in the form of a report from the team, confirming that the program is ready for a regulatory validation. 
    Note: Any conflict within the team shall be resolved by the AQP manager in conjunction with the manager responsible for the operator’s overall training program as applicable (i.e., Director of Training, and/or Chief Pilot, Training).
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