4.1 Curricula

4.1.1 Background

The AQP requires two primary curricula for each type, model, and series of aircraft (or variant), and each duty position. These curricula are Qualification and Continuing Qualification.  Figure 4–1 illustrates how traditional curricula correlate to the AQP primary curricula. In addition to primary curricula, operational necessities may require secondary curricula to fulfil particular needs.  Secondary curricula are Transition, Upgrade, and Requalification.

Transport Canada continues to recognize, in its regulations, a need for indoctrination training for flight crewmembers new to the air operator. AQP however is first and foremost a vehicle to train and qualify flight crewmembers on a specific type of aircraft and in a particular duty position. Indoctrination-type knowledge and information must still be imparted to new flight crews, but are not required to be developed and delivered using an AQP methodology. Indoctrination topics of interest continue to rest with company policies, practices and general operational knowledge, and contain elements that pertain to the air operator’s methods of compliance with regulations and safe operating practices.   

Fig 4-1: AQP Curricula 

Fig 4-1: AQP Curricula

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