5.3 Quality Assurance and Standardization

5.3.1    Quality Assurance 

In order to continuously improve the quality of AQP training, an AQP applicant shall develop a quality assurance program (i.e., mentorship program) to continually evaluate the training programs, the instructors, and evaluators. The most experienced personnel available in the organization will be appointed by the air operator as Quality Assurance Instructors (QAI) and Quality Assurance Evaluators (QAE) to carry out the quality assurance duties. Air operators may also use other terms such as “mentors” to refer to these individuals. Quality Assurance Instructor and Evaluator duties would include observing training, validation, and evaluation events in order to:   

  1. Critique performance.
  2. Recommend change.
  3. Provide feedback to the entire training organization at regular intervals.

A Job Task Analysis (JTA), Qualification Standards, and Qualification Curriculum will be required for QAIs and QAEs. All QAIs and QAEs will be required to attend an initial course. The air operator shall establish currency requirements as deemed appropriate.

5.3.2    Standardization 

A standardization program for instructor and evaluator is necessary to establish uniform grading criteria, address reliability between instructor and evaluator, and develop remediation procedures. The AQP data collection and analysis is incumbent upon reliable and valid grading assessment from instructors and evaluators. The program must provide Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR) and/or Referent Rater Reliability (RRR) training during the Qualification, Continuing Qualification and Secondary Curricula.

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