7.1 Introduction

7.1.1 Overview

CRM training develops skills that enhance flight safety through the effective use of all available resources including human, hardware and information resources. CRM training increases awareness of human error and systemic and organizational threats, and discusses techniques, skills and attitudes that will minimize their effects. Meanwhile, recent developments in assessment techniques focus on threat and error management strategies and performance where it is recognized that from time to time and although not desirable, errors or deviations from standard practices will occur. Effective risk mitigation therefore includes an awareness of flight crewmember attitudes and behaviors as well as the use of practical flight management skills.

CRM training achieves a greater degree of integration through an AQP than that offered through a traditional training program. This chapter describes the integration of CRM training into pilot training curricula using the instructional systems development methodology that forms the foundations of the AQP process. The approach demonstrates how the analytical methodologies in AQP have the potential to produce more rigorous CRM training, including the appropriate integration of CRM and technical training.

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