7.3 Evaluating CRM

7.3.1 Overview

The training developed for AQP reflects the corporate philosophy as to how the job is to be performed, including the identification of observable behaviours that serve as the basis for evaluation. The use of a flight management philosophy during the development of training curricula and during the actual training supports an outcome-oriented assessment of skill use. Effective task activity performance is defined within the context of achieving predefined flight objectives. This approach supports the definition of objective standards that can serve as the basis for evaluation, and provides a consistent foundation on which to evaluate both CRM and technical skills.

7.3.2 Observable Behaviours

Observable behaviour is a specific action employing a CRM skill in a given situation. Evaluation of individual pilot and crew CRM proficiency is possible through the inclusion of observable behaviours in the evaluation criteria that reflect performance on CRM-related task activities. These observable behaviours are defined for both the proficiency objectives and the events. Evaluation of CRM skills is possible if the event sets used in the evaluation process address these skills and incorporate appropriate observable behaviours in the performance standards.

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