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Proposed regulatory amendments to CAR 604 - Private Operators were published in the Canada Gazette, Part I, on December 7, 2013.

Note that Transport Canada will consider all comments submitted by January 20, 2014, with respect to the proposed amendments to CAR 604.

Within the Canadian civil aviation system, there are two primary subdivisions for aviation activities: commercial operations and private operations. Private operations can be further subdivided into business operations and personal operations. Business aviation operations consist of an aircraft or a fleet of aircraft operated by a business for the transport of passengers (e.g. employees or clients).

Business aviation has been regulated under dedicated sections of the Canadian Aviation Regulations due to the sophistication of the aircraft being operated. Requirements for business aircraft have been in place since 1983.

Transport Canada’s Service Level Standards for Business Aviation

  • Issuance of a Temporary Private Operator Certificate
    normally: 60 days max: 120 days
  • Amendment of a Temporary Private Operator Certificate
    normally: 30 days   max: 90 days
  • Approval of a Minimum Equipment List for a Private Operator
    normally:  150 days   max 210 days

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Interim Order No. 11 Respecting Private Operators

The Aeronautics Act gives the Minister of Transport the authority to make an interim order. Transport Canada enforces an interim order like a regulation.

Interim Order No. 11 has received approval by the Governor in Council. As a result, it will remain in effect for one year.

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