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The Canadian Aviation Regulations include requirements for private air operators in Part VI, Subpart 4.

The regulations cover all aspects of an air operation, including aircraft maintenance, cabin safety, flight operations, and safety management systems.

Transport Canada requires private air operators to register with the department. Operators are responsible for complying with regulations and are subject to oversight by Transport Canada.

Private air operation

Within the Canadian civil aviation system, there are two primary subdivisions for aviation activities: commercial operations and private operations.

Private operations can be further subdivided into business operations and personal operations.

Business aviation operations consist of an aircraft or a fleet of aircraft operated by a business for the transport of passengers (e.g. employees or clients).

Transition period

In June 2014, Transport Canada provided operators that held a valid Temporary Private Operator Certificate on May 28, 2014 with replacement documents that comply with the regulations. This includes the:

A general exemption provides for a 24-month transition period for most of the regulatory requirements. This general exemption applies to holders of a valid Temporary Private Operator Certificate on May 28, 2014. The exemption contains conditions that will apply during the 24-month transition period.

New private air operators

New private air operators must go through a registration process. Information on this process can be found in section #3 on the Questions and Answers Webpage. Please contact if you have any questions.

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