Annex 3 - Laws Pertaining to Interference with Crew Members and Unruly Passengers

Criminal Code of Canada

section 7 - jurisdiction over offences committed on board aircraft, definitions of when aircraft is deemed to be in service and in flight

section 76 - hijacking

section 77 - endangering safety of aircraft

section 78 - offensive weapons and explosive substances on board aircraft

section 175 - causing a disturbance, indecent exhibition

section 180 - common nuisance

section 248 - interfering with transportation facilities

section 249 - dangerous operation of aircraft

section 251 - unsafe aircraft

section 253 - operating while impaired

section 259 - disqualified from operating aircraft

section 264.1 - uttering a threat

subsection 264(2) - harassment

section 265 - assault

section 393 - fraud in obtaining transportation

section 430 - mischief

Aeronautics Act paragraph 7.3(1)(d) - willful obstruction of a person performing duties under the Act is prohibited
Canadian Aviation Regulations and Standards section 602.44 - offence to consume alcohol on board an aircraft not served by the operator of the aircraft

section 602.05 - offence not to comply with instructions given by any crew member

section 602.06 - offence to smoke on board aircraft, offence to tamper with or disable a smoke detector in aircraft lavatory

section 602.08 - offence to use a portable electronic device except with permission of aircraft operator

Flight Attendant Training Standard (TP 12296)

Commercial Air Service Standard 725.124(39)

Canadian Aviation Security Regulations sections 15 and 16 - prohibit carriage of weapons

sections 30-34 - passengers under escort

Canada Labour Code Part II - employers’ and employees’ rights and duties respecting health and safety in the work place
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