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No. 0167


Notice to Air Operators and Pilots Operating Single Pilot IFR and Carrying Passengers Under CAR 703


This Commercial & Business Aviation Advisory Circular (CBAAC) is intended to inform air operators of an exemption issued pursuant to subsection 5.9(2) of the Aeronautics Act, exempting Canadian air operators from the requirements of subsection 723.86(1) of the Commercial Air Service Standards (CASS) made pursuant to section 703.86 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).


Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) 1999-109 issued 07-05-99.


Subsection 723.86(1) of the Commercial Air Service Standards (CASS) establishes the minimum single pilot Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) requirements for air operators operating an aeroplane with passengers on board in IFR flight without a second-in-command. These requirements stipulate that the pilot shall have a minimum of 1,000 hours of flight time which shall include, if the type to be flown is multi-engined, 100 hours on multi-engined aeroplanes. In addition, the pilot shall have 50 hours of simulated or actual flight in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC), and a total of 50 hours flight time on the aeroplane type.

A Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA 1999-109) was approved by the Part VII Commercial Air Service Operations (CASO) Technical Committee in June of 1999. Subsequently a request was received for an exemption to the current CAR in order to expedite the provision of the proposed amendment to the air operator community.


An exemption has been issued and is conditional on where the operator is authorized for grouping of aeroplane types for Pilot Proficiency Check renewals. The purpose of the exemption is to permit pilots-in-command to acquire the 50 hours of flight time on the aeroplane type as required by subsection 723.86(1) of the CASS by using the total of the flight time gained on similar aeroplanes grouped as a single type for the purposes of Pilot Proficiency Check (PPC).


The exemption will eventually be superseded by the revised CASS 723.86(1) as amended by NPA 1999-109.

M.R. Preuss
Commercial & Business Aviation

Commercial & Business Aviation Advisory Circulars (CBAAC) are intended to provide information and guidance regarding operational matters. A CBAAC may describe an acceptable, but not the only, means of demonstrating compliance with existing regulations. CBAACs in and of themselves do not change, create any additional, authorize changes in, or permit deviations from regulatory requirements.

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