Advisory Circulars

Commercial & Business Aviation

CBAAC 0181R, 2006-06-09— Passenger Seating Requirements is cancelled, effective 2009-08-31.

CBAAC 0121, 1997-05-15— The Carriage of Service Animals in Canadian Commercial Airline Operations is cancelled, effective 2009-08-31.

Transport Canada Guideline, 1984—Carriage of Non-Ambulatory Passengers on Large Turbo-Jet Aeroplanes is cancelled, effective 2009-08-31.

The instructions contained in the subject CBAAC 0181R, CBAAC 0121 and the 1984 TC guideline are now included in AC 700-014, Issue 01, Passenger Seating Requirements and Accessible Air Transportation dated 2009-08-21.

“Original signed by Don Sherritt”

D. B. Sherritt
Director Standards

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