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No. 0192


Notice to Air Operators and Pilots Operating Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) under Canadian Aviation Regulation 703


This Commercial and Business Aviation Advisory Circular (CBAAC) is intended to inform air operators who operate under Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR) subpart 703 of a national exemption issued pursuant to subsection 5.9(2) of the Aeronautics Act, exempting Canadian air operators from the requirement of section 723.31 of the Commercial Air Service Standards (CASS) made pursuant to section 703.31 of the CARs. This exemption will permit the conduct of an IFR flight within uncontrolled airspace without designating an alternate aerodrome in the IFR flight plan.


In order to enhance safety by permitting subpart 703 operators to increase the use of IFR flights in uncontrolled airspace an amendment to CASS section 723.31 was proposed and accepted. Notice of proposed amendment (NPA) 2000-159 "No Alternate Aerodrome - IFR Flight" offers an operationally acceptable and safe IFR option for northern operators. The amendment establishes standards for this activity.

Transport Canada issued a national exemption to allow no alternate aerodrome IFR flights within uncontrolled airspace. It will remain valid until the amendment to CASS 723.31 is published. The exemption is attached.


Operators wishing to avail themselves of the exemption to CAR 703.31(b) and to CASS 723.31 "no alternate aerodrome - IFR" flight should contact their Regional office.


This CBAAC will remain valid until the amendment to CASS 723.31 is published.

M.R. Preuss
Commercial & Business Aviation

Commercial & Business Aviation Advisory Circulars (CBAAC) are intended to provide information and guidance regarding operational matters. A CBAAC may describe an acceptable, but not the only, means of demonstrating compliance with existing regulations. CBAACs in and of themselves do not change, create any additional, authorize changes in, or permit deviations from regulatory requirements.

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