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Commercial & Business Aviation


No. 0221


Safeguarding of Restricted Area Pass


As part of the process of increasing the awareness of all personnel involved in the security of air operations, holders of a Restricted Area Pass are reminded of the importance of their obligation to safeguard their pass.


This Commercial and Business Aviation Advisory Circular (CBAAC) applies to all holders of a Restricted Area Pass and Air Operators whose employee's are holders of a Restricted Area Pass.


Canadian Aviation Security Regulations (CASR),

Transport Canada Crew Member Security Training Manual,

Aeronautics Act (sections 4.7 and 7.6(1)),

Air Carrier Security Measures.


Security enhancements are being implemented at Canadian airports in order to reduce the risk of unauthorized persons gaining access to "restricted" (as defined in the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations [CASR]) or "sterile" (as defined in the Air Carrier Security Measures) areas of the airport.

Persons required, as part of their duties, to work within the restricted area of an airport, are issued a Restricted Area Pass. This pass is an important part of the front line security measures at Canadian airports. A pass that comes into the possession of an unauthorized person is a serious breach of security that could have grave consequences.


Air Operators are reminded that they are required to address the need for their employees to safeguard the possession of Restricted Area Passes in their Crew Member Security Training program.

All holders of a Restricted Area Pass are to ensure the security of their pass at all times. In the event of a pass being lost or stolen, the holder must immediately report the loss or theft of the pass to the Aerodrome operator's pass control office or to the person who issued the pass (section 43 of the CASR).

An employer who is informed by an employee of the loss or theft of a Restricted Area Pass must immediately report the loss or theft to the aerodrome operator (CASR section 43).

The holder of a Restricted Area Pass must return it to the aerodrome operator or the person who issued it when (CASR section 44):

  1. The pass holder ceases to work at an aerodrome;
  2. The pass holder's airport restricted area access clearance has been denied, suspended, revoked or cancelled or has expired; or
  3. The pass holder otherwise ceases to require access to the restricted areas for which the pass was issued.

In addition to the above quoted regulations, pass holders are urged to review sections 37 through 42 and 45, of the CASR's which detail the limitations of the use of a Restricted Area Pass.

Pass holders are reminded that a fee of $250.00 plus GST may be charged (by the Airport authority who issued the pass) for the failure to return a Pass as required by the situations described above.

Pass holders are also reminded that the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations provide for the confiscation of a pass and/or a maximum monetary penalty of $5,000 for failure to comply with these regulations as specified in Part 7.6(1)(b) of the Aeronautics Act.


This CBAAC will remain in force until further notice.

Michel Gaudreau
Commercial & Business Aviation

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