Advisory Circulars

Commercial & Business Aviation


Commercial and Business Aviation AC 0232R2, dated 2006-05-24 – Carriage and Reporting of External Loads Carried – Exemption to Section 703.25 and Paragraph 605.03(1)(b) of the Canadian Aviation Regulationsis cancelled, effective 2009-02-17.

The instructions contained in the subject AC are now included in AC 500-004, Issue 01 , Assessing the Effect of Carrying External Loads on Aircraft dated 2009-02-17.

D.B. Sherritt
Director, Standards
Civil Aviation

Commercial & Business Aviation Advisory Circulars (CBAAC) are intended to provide information and guidance regarding operational matters. A CBAAC may describe an acceptable, but not the only, means of demonstrating compliance with existing regulations. CBAACs in and of themselves do not change, create any additional, authorize changes in, or permit deviations from regulatory requirements. CBAACs are available electronically on the TC Web site, at:
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