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No. 0243


Instrument Landing System/Precision Runway Monitor Approaches - Operations Specification


This Commercial & Business Aviation Advisory Circular (CBAAC) is intended to inform air operators of the availability of an operations specification for Instrument Landing System (ILS)/Precision Runway Monitor (PRM) approaches.


This CBAAC is applicable to air operators who wish to conduct ILS/PRM approaches.


Operations Specification 602 - Simultaneous Operations on Parallel or Near Parallel Instrument Runways - ILS/PRM and Localizer type Directional Aid (LDA)/PRM - Simultaneous Offset Instrument Approaches (SOIA).

Guidance Material - Training Program - Simultaneous Operations On Parallel or Near Parallel Instrument Runways - ILS/PRM and LDA/PRM - SOIA.


ILS/PRM equipment and procedures enable simultaneous independent approaches to be made in instrument meteorological conditions to parallel or near-parallel runways whose centrelines are spaced less than 4,300 ft apart.

There are several airports in the United States of America that conduct ILS/PRM operations. Approval for an air operator to participate in these operations requires approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA will approve a Canadian air operator that has approval from Transport Canada to conduct PRM approaches. Thus, the subject operations specification.


The subject operation specification has been prepared for air operators to show evidence to the FAA, and other Civil Aviation Authority as the case may be, that the subject air operator has a training program that meets the stated requirements for ILS/PRM approaches and that Transport Canada has oversight of that program.

Air operators wishing to conduct ILS/PRM operations in the United States of America will require operations specification 602 prior to receiving approval from the FAA.


Air operators who require this operations specification should review the attached references and then contact their Primary Operations Inspector for more information.


This CBAAC will remain in effect until the Canadian Aviation Regulations are amended to include ILS/PRM operations and the required training.

Michel Gaudreau
Commercial and Business Aviation

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