Commercial and Business Aviation Advisory Circulars

Please note: All documents issued after 01 Feb 2007 are available on the Online Reference Centre.

Commercial and Business Aviation Advisory Circulars (CBAACs) are intended to provide information and guidance regarding operational matters. A CBAAC may describe an acceptable, but not the only, means of demonstrating compliance with existing regulations. CBAACs in and of themselves do not change, create any additional, authorize changes in, or permit deviations from regulatory requirements.

The following CBAACs are in effect and are available as separate entities. All other CBAACs (previously Air Carrier Advisory Circulars) have either been cancelled, revised or included in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) or other aviation publications.

CBAACs are now available in Microsoft Word Document format. This version allows viewing of the original CBAAC format including revision marks. CBAACs published before 2004 are not available through this version at this time. Visit the Microsoft Office download center to acquire a free download of Word 97/2000 (Word 2000) (Windows 95/98/NT).

0261 2007.07.01 Transponders and Airborne Collision Avoidance (Cancelled)
0260 2007.03.20 Potential for in-flight fires due to lithium battery failure

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2007.02.16 Situational Awareness During Taxi &Take-Off (Cancelled)
0258 2006.09.11 Clarification of the definition of the terms "active fire suppression "and "forestry"as used in Section 12.12 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (Cancelled)
0257 2006.12.11 Carriage of Medical Oxygen Cylinders for Passenger Use on Board Aircraft (Cancelled)
0256 2006.07.31 Low Visibility Take-off Airport Requirements

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0255 2006.05.02 Helicopter Chief Pilot and Operations Manager Written Examinations for Subpart 703 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations - Air Taxi Operations (Cancelled)
0254 2006.05.02 Helicopter Chief Pilot and Operations Manager Written Examinations for Subpart 704 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations - Commuter Operations (Cancelled)
0253 2006.06.01 Exemption from the Requirements of Subparagraph 703.88(1)(c)(ii) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations for helicopter single engine Visual Flight Rules Pilot Proficiency Checks (Cancelled)
0252 2006.01.26 Safety Considerations Of Corded Electrical Devices In The Passenger Cabin

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0251 2005.12.30 Use of Night Vision Imaging Systems in Helicopter Operations (Cancelled)
0250 2005.11.21 Cessation of Transport Canada Conducting Pilot Proficiency Checks (Cancelled)
0249 2005.12.21 Pilot Self-Training for Canadian Air Operators Operating Under Subparts 702 and 703 of the Canadian Avaiation Regulations

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0248 2005.12.19 Narrow Runway Operations

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0247 2005.08.24 Training and Checking Practices for Stall Recovery (Cancelled)
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0246 2005.09.16 Procedures and Training for the Preservation of Aircraft Recorded Data (Cancelled)
0245 2005.06.02 Full Implementation of Restricted Canada Air Pilot (Cancelled)
0244 2005.06.02 Advance Notice - Minimum Takeoff Performance Certification Standards for Aeroplanes Engaged in a Commercial Air Service under Subpart 4, Part VII of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (Cancelled)
0243 2005.07.29 Instrument Landing System/Precision Runway Monitor Approaches - Operations Specification

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0242 2005.04.06 Verification of Cargo Weights

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0241 2005.03.18 Use of Computer Programs to Monitor Flight Time and Flight Duty Time Limitations and Rest Periods

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0239 2006.09.08 Pilot Monitored Approach

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0238 2006.09.08 Stabilized Constant Desent Angle Non-Precision Approach (Cancelled)
0237 2006.09.08 Changes to the Approach Ban

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0236 2005.07.29 Regulations for Terrain Awareness Warning System and Airborne Collision Avoidance System (Cancelled)
0235R 2005.01.12 Air Operator Weight and Balance Control Procedures Subparts 703/704/705 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations
0234 2005.01.17 Planning and Monitoring Enroute Fuel Requirements

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0233 2004.10.15 Eurocontrol's Airborne Collision Avoidance System II Implementation (Cancelled)
0232R2 2006.05.24 Carriage and Reporting of External Loads Carried - Exemption to Section 703.25 and Paragraph 605.03(1)(b) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (Cancelled)
0231 2004.07.20 Electronic Flight Bags
0230 2004.05.12 Carriage of Passengers on Aircraft Operated by Private Operator Certificate Holders
0228 2004.03.25 Approval Process for Air Operators to offer their own courses in First Aid
0226 2004.03.19 Southern Domestic Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum and Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum Approval Process(Cancelled)
0225R3 2006.07.21 Transport Canada: Guidelines for Aircraft Ground Icing Operations and Holdover Time Guidelines for Winter 2006-2007 (Cancelled)
0224 2003.10.09 Part VI and VII Regulations Cross-Reference to Aircraft Equipment and Installation
0223 2003.08.12 Policy Arrangement Between Transport Canada and the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority Regarding the Use of Supplementary Loop Belt Devices on Aircraft Being Operated Pursuant to the Extended Charter Agreements (Cancelled)
0222 2003.10.08 Safety Belt Sign Vs Service Related Duties
0221 2003.10.08 Safeguarding of Restricted Area Pass (Cancelled)
0219 2003.03.26 Operations Manager Air Taxi Subpart 703 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations Written Examination - Aeroplane (Cancelled)
0218 2003.03.11 Operations Manager Commuter Subpart 704 of the CARs Written Examination Aeroplane (Cancelled)
0217 2003.03.12 Chief Pilot Commuter CAR 704 Written Examination (CPCOM) Aeroplane (Cancelled)
0216R 2004.01.20 Storage, Labelling, Handling and Application of De-Icing / Anti-Icing Fluids (Cancelled)
0215 2003.02.07 Flight Deck Door Regulations
0214 2003.01.13 Guidelines for the Conduct of Heli-skiing in Canada (Cancelled)
0213 2002.12.17 Civil Aviation Service Levels - Air Operations
0212 2003.01.13 Simulator training in the United States - Effect of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act on Canadian operations (Cancelled)
0211 2003.01.13 Generated Minimum Equipment List Program and Approved Minimum Equipment List Requirements for Airline and Commuter Operations (Cancelled)
0210 2003.01.13 The Need for Accurate and Prompt Response to Airborne Collision Avoidance System / Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System Resolution Advisories (Cancelled)
0208R 2005.05.20 Air Operators' Responsibilities with Respect to Potable Water Systems on Board Aircraft

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0207 2002.05.13 Monitoring of Flight Time and Flight Duty Time
0206 2002.05.21 Structural Overload in Transport Category Aeroplanes Caused by Rudder Inputs
0205 2002.05.08 Runway Incursions (Cancelled)
0204R 2006.07.28 Compliance with Regulatory Requirements Respecting Infant Life Preservers

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0202R 2004.05.12 Employer and Employee Rights and Responsibilities, with respect to Employees Refusing to Work in Dangerous Situations (Cancelled)
0201 2002.04.05 Review of Company Manuals by Transport Canada Inspectors
0200 2002.03.14 Operational Approval of the Central Deicing Facility at Toronto - Lester B. Pearson International Airport (Cancelled)
0199 2002.01.25 Chief Pilot Qualifications - Subpart 702 Operations
0198R 2002.02.21 Air Taxi Flight Crew Requirements (Cancelled)
0197 2002.01.22 Chief Pilot Air Taxi CAR 703 Written Examination (CPTAX) Aeroplane
0196 2001.12.21 Chief Pilot Qualifications - Subpart 703 - Aeroplanes - Operations (Cancelled)
0195R 2002.02.27 Reconsideration of Civil Aviation Tribunal (CAT) Cases
0193 2001.11.01 Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) Programs
0192 2001.10.12 Notice to Air Operators and Pilots Operating Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Under Canadian Aviation Regulation 703
0191 2001.09.14 Amendments to Part II of the Canada Labour Code, Occupational Health and Safety
0190 2001.09.07 Fuel Loss Procedures (Cancelled)
0189 2001.08.03 Airport Fire Fighter Emergency Hand Signals (Cancelled)
0188 2001.08.01 Passenger Safety Briefings (Cancelled)
0187 2001.07.09 Gravel Runway Operations - Limitations Contained in Aircraft Flight Manual Supplements Concerning Minimum Runway Surface Bearing Strength (Cancelled)
0185 2001.06.11 The Effect of Beards or Long Hair on the Efficiency of Demand Type, Continuous Flow Oxygen Masks, or Smoke Hoods
0184 2001.05.14 Stowage and Packaging of Survival Equipment and Emergency Flares
0183R 2006.04.28 Measures for Managing Exposure to Cosmic Radiation of Employees Working On Board Aircraft

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0182 2001.02.27 Locking of Cockpit Doors
0181R 2006.06.09 Passenger Seating Requirements (Cancelled)
0180 2001.02.23 Notice to Air Operators and Pilots Operating Under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR)
0179 2000.12.22 Replacement of Halon Hand-held Fire Extinguishers on Board Aircraft (Cancelled)
0178R 2005.09.16 Disinsection on Board Aircraft (Cancelled)
0177 2000.10.31 Child Restraint Systems (Cancelled)
0176R2 2004.08.06 Twenty-four Months Pilot Proficiency Check Exemptions for subparts 703 and 704 of the Canadian Aviation Regulationsoperations (Cancelled)
0175 2000.07.06 Dangerous Goods Aviation Offices (Cancelled)
0174 2000.06.15 Mobile Aircraft Passenger Stands (Cancelled)
0173 2000.05.05 Location of Additional Flashlights in the Passenger Cabin
0172 2000.05.09 Cargo and Baggage Compartment Fire Protection (Cancelled)
0171 2000.03.02 Process for Air Operators When Hiring Pilots (Cancelled)
0170R 2004.05.12 Time Free from Duty Options (Cancelled)
0169 2000.03.02 Aeroplane Upset Training
0168 2000.03.02 Notice to Air Operators and Pilots - Fairchild / Swearingen Metroliner (Cancelled)
0167 2000.03.01 Notice to Air Operators and Pilots Operating Single Pilot IFR and Carrying Passengers Under CAR 703
0166 2000.01.10 Managing Disruptive and Unruly Passenger Behaviour (Cancelled)
0164 1999.11.03 Canadian Runway Friction Index (Cancelled)
0163 1999.10.21 Standardization of Terminology Related to Aircraft Emergency Procedures (Cancelled)
0162 1999.09.28 Exemption from the Flight and Duty Time Limitations for Contracted Air Operator MEDEVAC Service Providers
0161 1999.08.31 Controlled Flight Into Terrain
0160 1999.08.31 Analysis of Ditching and Water Survival Training Programs of Major Airframe Manufacturers and Airlines (Cancelled)
0159 1999.07.23 National Conflict Resolution Program for Members of the Aviation Industry (Cancelled)
0158 1999.06.25 Notice to Pilots and Air Operators / Year 2000 Operations (Cancelled)
0157 1999.06.01 Company Aviation Safety Management Program
0156 1999.06.07 Notice to Air Operators and Pilots on Aircraft Fire-Fighting Services (Cancelled)
0155 1999.05.06 Brace Positions for Impact (Cancelled)
0154 1999.03.30 European Airspace Basic Area Navigation (RNAV) Operations (Cancelled)
0153 1999.03.12 Requirements Concerning Operations in Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR)
0151 1999.03.11 Official Credentials Cards Transport Canada Inspectors (Cancelled)
0149 1999.01.06 Seat Belt Use & Seat Belt Discipline
0147 1998.11.02 Airborne Icing Update
0146R 1998.11.15 Notice to Pilots and Air Operators of Fairchild / Swearingen Metroliner SA226 &227 Aircraft Brake Overheat and Wheel Well Fire Hazards
0145 1998.09.14 "Skycots"Infant Bassinets(Cancelled)
0143 1998.07.22 Approved PPC Groupings for Aeroplanes of Less Than 7,000 Pounds MCTOW (Cancelled)
0142 1998.06.12 MEDEVAC Working Group
0141 1998.05.13 Notice to Pilots and Air Operators Low-Energy Hazards Balked Landing / Go-Around
0140 1998.05.12 The Aviation Occupational Safety and Health (A-OSH) Program (Cancelled)
0139 1998.05.13 New Name for Air Carrier Advisory Circulars (Cancelled)
0138 1998.02.02 Exemption to Permit the Use of Other Than Certified Flight Manual Data When Operating From Wet or Contaminated Runways (Cancelled)
0136 1997.12.05 Flight Attendant Attire
0135R 1998.02.05 Union Carbide Type IV &III Anti-Icing Fluid Difficulties (Cancelled)
0134 1997.10.28 Carriage of More Than Nine Passengers in Single-Engine Aeroplanes (Cancelled)
0133 1997.10.29 Generated Minimum Equipment List (GMEL) Program for Airline and Commuter Operators (Cancelled)
0132 1997.09.19 International Operations (Cancelled)
0130R 1999.06.15 Training Concerning Operations in Airborne Icing Conditions
0129 1997.08.28 Exemption from Requirement for Third Attitude Indicator on Selected Transport Category Aircraft
0127 1997.06.24 Manual Cross-referencing List
0126R 2006.11.30 Service Blankets (Cancelled)
0124R 2000.08.17 Passenger Use of Personal Headsets and Protective Hearing Devices
0123R 2004.03.25 Use of Global Positioning System for Instrument Approaches (Cancelled)

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0122R 1998.04.14

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements respecting Survival Equipment (Cancelled)

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0121 1997.05.15 The Carriage of Service Animals in Canadian Commercial Airline Operations (Cancelled)
0120 1997.04.15 Cabin Safety Inspector Use of the D.O.T. Air Carrier Inspector Trip Pass and Baggage Check (Cancelled)
0119 1997.04.28 Incidents Involving UN Specification 1A1 and 1A2 Metal Drums (Cancelled)
0117 1997.04.15 Crew Resource Management Training
0116 1997.04.11 Infant Passenger Count
0115R2 2007.04.16 Process for Approval of a Flight Attendant Manager New

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0114R 1998.10.23 Provision of Individual Safety Briefings (Cancelled)
0112 1997.03.03 Pilot Check Reports And Approved Check Pilot Approval Documents - Canadian Aviation Documents
0111 1997.01.20 Requirement for Approved MEL for Airline and Commuter Operators (Cancelled)
0110R 1998.03.06 Notice To Air Operators - Net Take-Off Flight Path Implementation Date for Cross-Wind Accountability (Cancelled)
0108 1996.12.05 Protective Breathing Equipment Requirements
0107R 1997.01.14 Reporting Aircraft Defects and Unserviceabilities
0106R 2001.07.04 Use of Portable Passenger Operated Electronic Devices Onboard Aircraft and Occurrence Reporting(Cancelled)
0104 1996.11.13 Aircraft Navigation Databases
0103 1996.08.13 Cargo Fire Training (Cancelled)
0102R 2001.01.18 Stowage Of Disposable In-flight Service Waste in Aircraft Lavatories
0098 1996.03.23 Use of Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (Cancelled)
0091R 1996.04.01 Flight Time and Flight Duty Time Limitations and Rest Periods
0072R 1997.01.20 Ground De-Icing / Anti-Icing Of Aircraft With the Main Engines Running
0071 1994.09.28 Notice to Operators of De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter Aircraft Maximum Performance STOL Take-off - (Limited Distribution)
0070R 1996.12.16 In-Flight Use Of Seat Belts / Safety Harness - Flight Attendants
0062 1994.02.14 Controlled Flight Into Terrain
0059 1993.08.23 International NOTAM Procedures (Cancelled)
0043R 1994.07.13 Notice to Operators of Piper PA-31 Navajo Aircraft Operation in Icing Conditions - (Limited Distribution)

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