Checklist & Guide for the Development of a Company Operations Manual

for Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 702 - Aerial Work Operators:

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Commercial Air Service Standard (CASS) 722.82 governs the contents of Company Operations Manuals for Aerial Work Operators. The following checklist and guidance material is provided to assist operators in developing a manual appropriate for their type of operation. Please return this form with your manual submission.


Shaded column is for Transport Canada use only.

The Columns titled IFR & NGT, VFR DAY, ONE A/C, and 7 A/C or less  indicate the requirements listed in their respective Subsections of CASS 722.82. An "X" in the appropriate column will indicate requirements. The absence of an "X" indicates that the item is not required for that Subsection. Operators, at their discretion may add information that is not required.

The column Company Operation Manual Item is a list of the required items as identified in the CASS.

Please indicate in the Where Found column the paragraph reference number where the information is located in your manual.

Supplementary Reference and reference to a Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) or CASS will be shown any time there is another regulatory reference that governs that particular item.

The letter annotations in the column Company Operations Manual Item correlate directly with the respective CASS and do not necessarily follow sequentially in this text.

All attempts have been made to maintain an accurate list of references. Suggestions for amendment to this document are invited, and should be submitted via the Transport Canada Civil Aviation Issues Reporting System (CAIRS) at the following Internet address: or by e-mail at:

7 A/C or less
Company Operations Manual Item Where
X X   X 1.  Preamble relating to use and authority of manual
Supplementary Reference: 722.82 (1)(a), 722.82 (4)(a)
X X X X 2.  Table of contents
Supplementary Reference: 722.82 (1)(b), 722.82(3)(a), 722.82(4)(b)
X X     3.  Amending procedures, amendment record sheet, distribution list and list of effective pages
Supplementary Reference:  722.82 (1)(c)
    X X 4.  Amending procedures, amendment procedures and list of effective pages
Supplementary Reference:  722.82 (3)(b) and (c), 722.82(4)(c) and (d)
X X X X 5.  Copy of the Air Operator's Certificate and Operations Specifications
Supplementary Reference: 722.82 (1)(d), 722.82 (3)(d), 722.82 (4)(e)
X X     6.  A chart of the management organization
Supplementary Reference: 722.82 (1)(e)
X X     7.  The duties, responsibilities and succession of command of management and operational personnel.
Supplementary Reference:  722.82(1)(f)

Operations Manager:  722.07(2)(a)
Chief Pilot:  722.07(2)(b)
Person Responsible for Maintenance:  722.07(2)(c), 706.03, 726.03

Note: Personnel changes will necessitate manual revisions.

X X     Type D Dispatch System (if different, check applicable)  Type A [   ], Type B [   ], Type C [   ]

8.  Description of the operational control system including:
Supplementary Reference:  722.12

X X     a)  flight authorization and flight preparation procedures
Supplementary Reference:  702.13, 722.82(1)(g)(i), 722.82(2)(a)
X       b)  preparation of operational flight plan and other flight documents
Supplementary Reference:  602.70 thru 602.79, 722.82(1)(g)(ii)
X       c)  procedures to ensure the flight crew are advised, prior to dispatch, of any aircraft defects that have been deferred, (by Minimum Equipment List (MEL) or any other means)
Supplementary Reference:  605.06-605.10, 625.07, 625.10, 722.82(1)(g)(iii)
X       d)  (i)  flight watch, flight following and communication requirements
Supplementary Reference:  722.82(1)(g)(iv)
  X     (ii)  flight following and communication requirements
Supplementary Reference:  722.82(2)(c)
X       e)  (i)  dissemination procedures for operational information and acknowledgement
Supplementary Reference:  722.82(1)(g)(v)
  X     (ii)  dissemination procedures for operational information
Supplementary Reference:  722.82(2)(d)
X X     f)  fuel and oil requirements
Supplementary Reference:  602.88, 722.82(1)(g)(vi), 722.82(2)(e)
X X X X g)  weight and balance system
Supplementary Reference:  722.82(1)(g)(vii), 722.82(2)(f),  722.82(3)(e), 722.82(4)(f), AIP RAC 3.5, 571.13 Appendix C, 723.37
X X X X h)  accident/incident reporting procedures and procedures for reporting overdue aircraft
Supplementary Reference:  602.79, AIP GEN 3.0, 722.82(1)(g)(viii), 722.82(2)(g), 722.82(3)(g) and (i), 722.82(4)(g) and (i)
X X     i)  use of checklists
Supplementary Reference:  602.60 (1)(a), 722.82(1)(g)(ix), 722.82(2)(h)
X X     j)  maintenance discrepancy reporting and requirements of completion of flight
Supplementary Reference: 695.08, 605.09, 605.10, 722.82(1)(g)(x), 722.82(2)(i)
X       k)  (i)  retention period of operational flight plans
Supplementary Reference:  722.82(1)(g)(xi)
  X     (ii)  retention period of flight operations documentation
Supplementary Reference:  722.82(2)(b)
X       9.  Sample of operational flight plan, weight and balance form
Supplementary Reference: 722.82(1)(h)
X       10.  FDR and CVR procedures as applicable
Supplementary Reference:  605.33, 605.34, 722.82(1)(i)
X       11.  a)   Operating weather minima and applicable requirements for IFR, VFR, VFR at night, VFR over-the-top and if applicable, use of reduced VFR visibility limits in uncontrolled airspace
Supplementary Reference:  602.115, 602.116, 602.121, 722.17, 722.18, 722.82(1)(j)
  X     b)   Operating weather minima and applicable requirements for VFR, VFR over-the-top and reduced VFR visibility limits in uncontrolled airspace if applicable
Supplementary Reference: 602.115, 602.116, 722.17, 722.18, 722.82(2)(j)
    X   c)   Procedures for reduced VFR visibility limits in uncontrolled airspace if applicable
Supplementary Reference:  602.115, 722.17, 722.82(3)(h)
X       12.  Instrument and equipment requirements
Supplementary Reference:  605.14, 605.15, 605.16 605.18 605.35, 605.41, 702.42, 702.43, 722.18(11)(b), 722.82(1)(k)
X       13.  Instrument approach procedures, and alternate aerodrome requirements
Supplementary Reference:  602.122, 602.123, 602.127, 602.128, 602.129, 722.76(10), 722.82(1)(l)
X       14.  Procedures pertaining to enroute operation of navigation and communication equipment, including collisions
Supplementary Reference:  602.08, 602.19, 602.20, 602.21,602.31(3) and (4), 602.34, 602.35, 602.36, 602.143, 722.76(4), (10) and (15), 722.82(1)(m)
X X     15.  Operation in hazardous conditions such as icing, thunderstorms, white out, windshear
Supplementary Reference:  602.11, 605.27, 605.30, 722.76(10), (12), (14), and (21), 722.82(1)(n), 722.82(2)(k)
X X     16.  Performance limitations, as applicable
Supplementary Reference:  602.07, 602.32, 722.82(1)(o), 722.82(2)(l)
X X     17.  Securing of cargo
Supplementary Reference:  602.86, 722.82(1)(p), 722.82(2)(m)
X X     18.  Briefing procedures for persons other than flight crew
Supplementary Reference: 602.87, 602.89, 702.23, 722.23, 722.76(4), (6), (13), (19), and (20), 722.82(1)(q), 722.82(2)(n)
X X     19.  Use of aircraft flight manual, aircraft operating manual, standard operating procedures and minimum equipment lists as applicable
Supplementary Reference:  605.04, 605.07, 625.07, 625.10, 702.81 thru 702.84, 722.82, 722.84
X X     20.  Aircraft ice, frost, and snow critical surface contamination procedures
Supplementary Reference:  602.11, 701.25,  702.76(2)(c)(iv) and (3)(c), 723.98(17), 704.115(2)(c), 722.76(4), (8), (10), (12), (14), and (21), 722.82(1)(s), 722.82(2)(p)
X X     21.  Procedures for the carriage of dangerous goods, as applicable
Supplementary Reference:  702.76(2)(c)(vi), 722.76(17), 722.82(1)(t), 722.82(2)(q)
X X     22.  Fuelling procedures including:

a)  fuel contamination precautions
Supplementary Reference: 625.88 appendix G(18)
b)  bonding requirements
Supplementary Reference:  AIP AIR 1.3
c)  fuelling with engine running
Supplementary Reference:  602.09
d)  fuelling with passengers on board
Supplementary Reference: 722.76(8)(a), 722.82(1)(u), 722.82(2)(r)

X X     23.  A list of emergency survival equipment carried on the aircraft and how to use the equipment and periodic inspection details
Supplementary Reference:  602.59, 602.61, 602.62, 602.63, 702.20(1), 722.82(1)(v), 722.82(2)(s)
    X X 24.  A list of emergency survival equipment carried on the aircraft
Supplementary Reference:  602.59, 602.61, 602.62, 602.63, 702.20(1), 722.82(3)(f), 722.82(4)(g)
      X 25.  Parachute jumping procedures for day and night VFR operations
Supplementary Reference:  602.23, 602.25, 602.26, 603.36 thru 603.39, 605.22, 605.23, 605.25, 623.36 thru 623.38, 623.65(e), 702.16(b), 702.18(b), 702.19(a)(iii), 702.23, 722.16, 722.18(11), 722.19, 722.23, 722.82(4)(j)
X X     26.  Emergency procedures for:

a)   emergency locator transmitter
Supplementary Reference:  605.38, 605.39, 605.40, AIP SAR 3.0
b)   preparation for emergency landing/ditching
Supplementary Reference:  605.31, 702.16, 702.23, 722.16, 702.23, Cabin Safety Technical Directive 305
c)   emergency evacuation
Supplementary Reference: 702.23, 722.82(1)(w), 722.82(2)(t)

X X     27.  Minimum flight crew members required and flight crew member qualifications
Supplementary Reference:  702.64, 702.65, 702.67, 722.65, 722.67 702.23, 722.82(1)(x), 722.82(2)(u)
X X     28.  Flight duty time limitations and rest requirements
Supplementary Reference:  700.14 thru 700.23 and 101.01 definition for "unforeseen operational circumstances", 702.23, 722.82(1)(y), 722.82(2)(v)
X X     29.  Training programs including a copy of company training and qualification record forms
Supplementary Reference:  702.76, 702.77, 722.76, 702.23, 722.82(1)(z), 722.82(2)(w)
X X     30.  Operational support services and equipment
Supplementary Reference: 702.07(2)(e), 702.12, 722.12, 722.82(1)(a-a), 722.82(2)(x)
X       31.  Use of oxygen
Supplementary Reference:  605.31, 605.32, 722.82(1)(b-b)
X X     32.  Procedures related to aerial work operations including, as applicable:

a)   Carriage of external loads
Supplementary Reference:  602.16, 702.01, 702.19, 702.21, 722.22, 702.45, 722.16, 711.18(4), (5), (6), and (7), 722.21, 722.22(2), 722.76(4)(l), and (6)(a)(b)(c),
b)   Low level flight precautions
Supplementary Reference:  602.14, thru 602.17, 702.22
c)   Towing precautions, pick-up and release procedures
Supplementary Reference:  602.22, 602.23, 722.18(1)(2)(3)
d)   Helicopter external load procedures, including flight and ground crew signals and briefing procedures, steps to be taken before starting an external load operation, hazards of oscillating loads and unfamiliar load configurations
Supplementary Reference:  602.16, 702.21, 702.45, 722.16, 722.18(4), (5), (6), and (7), 722.21, 722.23, 722.76(6), AIP AIR 1.8
e)   operational restrictions related to aerial work operations
Supplementary Reference: 702.02, 702.11 thru 702.23, 722.82(1)(c-c), 722.82(2)(y)


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