Checklist & Guide for the development of an Aeroplane Standard Operating Procedure Manual

for Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 604 - Private Operator Passenger Transportation, CARs 702 - Aerial Work, 703 - Air Taxi, CARs 704 - Commuter, and CARs 705 Airline Operations

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The contents of Standard Operating Procedures are governed by CARs 624.84, 722.84, 723.107, 724.124, and 725.138. The following checklist and guidance material are provided to assist air operators in developing a manual to the CARs as appropriate for their type of operation. The checklist here is intended for air operators utilizing multi-engined aeroplanes or single engined aeroplanes. Complete the Where Found column to identify what section in your manual the required information is located and return this form with your manual submission.


Verified - Shaded column is for Transport Canada use only.

Columns 624.84, 722.84, 723.107, 724.124, and 725.138 identify the Standard Operating Procedures item is required under that subpart.

Requirements indicated by an "XX" in the appropriate column means that the item is not required for that subpart. Operators, at their discretion may add information that is not required by regulation. The letter annotations at the start of this column correlate directly with the respective CARS and do not necessarily follow sequentially in this text.

The column Standard Operating Procedures Item is a list of the required items as identified in the CARS.

The column Req'd will be annotated if the Standard Operating Procedures Manual item is required for your particular operation.

The Where Found column is where you indicate a paragraph reference number where the information is located in your manual.

All attempts have been made to maintain an accurate list of references. Suggestions for amendment to this document are invited, and should be submitted via the Transport Canada Civil Aviation Issues Reporting System (CAIRS) at the following Internet address:

or by e-mail at:
Standard Operating Procedures Item Req'd Where
1(a) 1(a) 1(a) 1(a) (1) Table of contents      
1(b) 1(b) 1(b) 1(b) (2) List of effective pages      
1(c) 1(c) 1(c) 1(c) (3) Amending procedures      
XX 1(d) 1(d) 1(d) (4) Preamble relating to use and authority of manual      
1(d) 1(e) 1(e) 1(e) (5) Communications  (i)      
1(e) 1(f) 1(f) 1(f) (6) Crew Coordination      
1(f) 1(g) 1(g) 1(g) (7) Use of Checklists      
1(g) 1(h) 1(h) 1(h) (8) Standard briefings      
1(h) 1(i) 1(i) 1(i) (9) Standard calls      
XX 2(b) 2(b) 2(b) (10) Ramp / Gate procedures      
1(i) 2(c) 2(c) 2(c) (11) Battery / APU Engine Starts      
1(j) 2(d) 2(d) 2(d) (12) Taxi (i) &(ii)      
1(k) XX 3(j) 3(j) (13) Rejected take-off      
1(l) 2(e) 2(e) 2(e) (14) Take-off and climb      
1(m) 2(f) 2(f) 2(f) (15) Cruise      
1(n) 2(g) 2(g) 2(g) (16) Descent      
1(o) 2(h) 2(h) 2(h) (17) Approaches IMC, visual, VFR, and circling      
1(p) 2(i) 2(i) 2(i) (18) Landing      
1(q) 2(j) 2(j) 2(j) (19) Missed approaches and balked landings procedures      
1(r) 2(k) 2(k) 2(k) (20) Stall recovery      
1(s) 2(l) 2(l) 2(l) (21) Fueling with passenger on board      
1(t) 2(m) 2(m) 2(m) (22) Use of onboard navigation and alerting aids      
XX 2(a) 2(a) 2(a) (23) Weight and balance control procedure      
2(h) 2(n) 2(n) 2(n) (24) Checklists      
(25) Abnormal and Emergencies Procedures      
(26) Diagrams      
XX XX XX XX Safe Training and Checking practices      

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