1.2. Application

  1. Publications: The SOPs supplement and expand on the information contained in numerous publications. In particular the SOPs supplement the following publications:
    1. i) [Aircraft Manufacturer] [Aircraft Type] approved Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM);
    2. ii) [Operator's Company Name] Operations Manual; and
    3. iii) Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).
  2. Aircraft Flight Manual: Every effort has been made to ensure that the SOPs are compatible with the approved Aircraft Flight Manual. The SOPs are designed to promote the coordination of the multiple crew members during operation of [Aircraft Type] aircraft. The SOPs are not intended to replace the Aircraft Flight Manual, but to supplement it. Therefore, there are many cases where the SOPs detail additional requirements to the AFM.
  3. Company Operations Manual: Some areas of the SOPs deal with similar subjects that are found in the Company Operations Manual. The SOPs supplement the Company Operations Manual. However, the SOPs detail the procedures specifically for when the aircraft is operated by multiple crew members. Therefore, where a difference exists from the Company Operations Manual, the SOPs shall be followed unless safety is jeopardized.

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