1.3. Amendment

  1. Suggestions for amendment of these SOPs are to be forwarded in writing, to [insert the title of the person to action amendments, ie. Chief Pilot, Operations Manager, or insert the routing that requests are to be sent through] Whether or not a suggestion is implemented, a written reply will be provided to the person who has submitted the suggestion.
  2. The Edition Number and date that the edition was issued will be indicated on the cover page. The Edition Number and date will not change with subsequent amendments until a new edition is issued. The edition number will be shown in the header for each page.
  3. Amendments will be designated by number and date of issue. Amendment status of each page is indicated at the bottom left of the page. The current amendment status of the entire Standard Operating Procedures document is shown at the "List of Effective Pages" and at the bottom left of the title page. Amendment "0" indicates an not amended or original page. A list of all of the amendments in the current edition is shown at the top of the "List of Effective Pages & Amendment Record." Subsequent amendments will be given sequential numbers. When a new edition is issued, the amendment numbers will begin again at "0." The periodic amendments will replace the cover page, the "List of Effective Pages & Amendment Record", and the pages that have changed. Included with each amendment will be instructions designating the pages to be removed and inserted, as well as a summary of what has changed in the body of the SOPs.
  4. When an amendment is issued, it shall be distributed as indicated at the "Distribution List" in the pre-chapter of the SOPs.

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