2.11. Fuelling With Passengers Onboard, Embarking or Disembarking

[Although some of the requirements are with in the Company Operations Manual, crew coordination is likely required, and therefore some information would be useful in the SOPs. The following deals only with crew coordination responsibilities. It may be advantageous to include specific details, such as:
- safety procedures;
- a specific statement that aircraft main engines are not allowed to be running (unless otherwise authorized in accordance with the CARs);
- use of the APU.
For additional information refer to the CARs and related standards or contact your regional office.

Unless otherwise arranged, the FO shall supervise fuelling and remain near the aircraft main exit to immediately communicate with and assist the evacuation of passengers in an emergency. If one of the pilots is to actually carry out fuelling, the other pilot shall supervise the refuelling and provide for passenger safety.

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