2.14. Before Start Check

[The following procedure caters to the Before Start Check being initiated by the person who will conduct or direct the start. If your company procedure is for another person to initiate the check (such as the Captain) or for the FE to start the engine(s), modify this section appropriately.]

The person who will conduct or direct the start calls for the Before Start Check. The expanded Before Start Checklist follows.

BEFORE START CHECK (Challenge and Response)
  • Pre-flight checks (All) - Complete
    • All flight crew members are to respond that the checks that they are responsible for are complete.
  • Ignition - NORMAL
    • The ignition must be set to normal for engine start. Selecting the ignition to off will prevent a start. Selecting ignition to ON will prevent the start sequencer from turning off the ignition at the completion of the start.
  • Engines - Clear
  • Before Start Check - Complete

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