2.5. Crew Briefing

[Additional requirements for crew briefings may be found in the CARs and related standards.]

Prior to each flight each crewmember shall brief the remaining crewmembers of any information about the flight that is relevant to their duties. Such briefing should not include a repeat of information that is available from other sources or has been previously provided (such as these SOPs), but should include information about procedures that are seldom used. As a minimum the following information should be provided to all crew members in sufficient detail to facilitate performance of their duties:

  1. weather for departure, en route, destination, and (if applicable) alternate destination;
  2. aircraft fuel load and configuration;
  3. payload;
  4. flight time, route to be flown, and any work to be carried out;
  5. duties in addition to those specified in these SOPs and other directives.

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