3.2. Engine Start

[The following example is based on the start of a two engine aircraft. If your aircraft is equipped with more or less than two engines adjust the procedure accordingly.]

The engine start is done as a memorized series of coordinated actions by both the PF and PNF. Although an "Engine Start Check" is published, it is not carried out in the same manner as other checks, but as a procedure. The engines are normally started by the pilot, with the co-pilot monitoring the start and critical timings. Therefore for the purpose of this procedure the pilot is the PF and the co-pilot the PNF. Should it be necessary for only one pilot to carry out an engine start, that pilot shall carry out both PF and PNF duties. If both engines are to be started, normally the number 2 engine is started first. The abbreviated "Engine Start Check" is found in the checklist. The coordinated crew procedure follows.

Table 3-1 Engine Start Procedure and Crew Coordination
Engines - Clear

Check engine clear on PF side and confirm clear with ground personnel if available.

Call "Number x engine clear." 

Engines - Clear

Check engine clear on PNF side.

Call "Number x engine clear."

START SELECT Switch - Select #2

Arm number 2 engine start.

  • Select START SELECT Switch to #2 and observe STARTER switchlight illuminates.
STARTER Switchlight - Press

Initiate number 2 engine start.

  • Call "Starting Number 2."
  • Press STARTER switchlight. 
Clock - Start timing

Start timing of number 2 starter engage time and monitor for time limits.

Condition Lever (___-___% NH) - START/FEATHER

Initiate fuel flow at ___% to ___% NH.

  • Call "Fuel On."
  • Select Number 2 condition lever to START/FEATHER.
Fuel Flow - Confirm

Confirm fuel flow.

  • Confirm positive fuel flow
  • no minimum rate is established.
  • If fuel flow confirmed call "Fuel Flow."
ITT - Indication within 10 seconds

Confirm ITT rise within 10 seconds.

  • If ITT rise confirmed call "ITT."
  • Monitor ITT limits.
  • If no ITT rise within 10 seconds, or if ITT/NH stabilizes at abnormally low values, call "Failed Start" and initiate applicable procedure. 
Monitor ITT time limits. 
  • - If ITT exceeds ___oC note time max allowable between ___oC and ___oC is 5 seconds.
  • - If ITT exceeds time limits call "Hot Start."
Oil Pressure - Indication

Confirm oil pressure.

  • - If oil pressure rise confirmed call "Oil Pressure."

NOTE Minimum oil pressure by completion of engine spool-up during start is ___ PSI. If ___ PSI is not reached by end of spool-up engine must be shut down.

Hydraulic Pressure - Indication

Confirm Hydraulic Pressure.

  • If hydraulic pressure confirmed call "Hydraulic Pressure."
Engine Start - Complete
  • At completion of starting of the number of engines that it is intended to start call "Engine Start Complete."
Acknowledge by stating "Check."

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