4.5. Navigation

[It is not possible for us to make very detailed recommendations about standard procedures for navigation. The subject has too many variables. However, we have indicated a few subject areas that you may wish to address for your operation.]

  1. General - To the extent practical all available navigation equipment should be set to provide navigation information. Guidance for use of RNAV systems is found in the next section.
  2. Navigation Displays [Information on set-up of Navigation Displays is found in Chapter 1. Additional guidance for the en route phase of flight may be inserted here.]
  3. Compass Setting Procedures [In this sub-section discuss the following as it applies to your operation.]
    1. [If the compass system on your aircraft is not magnetically synchronized, insert the setting procedures for en route flight.]
    2. [If you operate into the Northern Domestic Airspace (area of compass unreliability) discuss the compass setting and astro navigation procedures here.]

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