5.20. Shutdown Procedures, Shutdown Check

Once the aircraft has been taxied to the parking position and stopped, the Shutdown Check should be used to secure the engines and prepare the aircraft for unloading. If the aircraft will not be de-powered, (as for a station stop) not all items will be carried out. The Shutdown Check is also to be used to shutdown an engine during taxi. The expanded Shutdown Checklist follows.

[The following checklist is a guide only and cannot apply to all aircraft. The checklist particular to the aircraft must be inserted here]

SHUTDOWN CHECK (Challenge and Response)
  • External Power - a/r
    • External power should be connected for a station stop and cabin lighting should be operated if disembarking passengers at night.
  • FMS - a/r
    • The FMS would only be shutdown if the aircraft is to be de-powered, or if it is necessary to re-initialize it. For a station stop it may be left initialized provided external power is available.
  • Power Levers Flight - Idle
  • Condition Levers - Start & Feather
  • STBY HYD Switches (Co-pilot) - NORM
  • Condition Levers (after 30 sec) - Fuel Off
    • A period of 30 sec is required between selection of start feather and fuel off to permit proper oil migration in the engine.
  • Shutdown Check - Complete

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