5.9. Downwind Check

  1. General - The Downwind Check is to be done on short flights between nearby aerodromes or during some training flights. A Downwind Check is only to be done whenever an After Take-off Check and the Cruise Check have not been done. More specifically the Downwind Check replaces the following checks: After Take-off, Cruise, Descent, In-Range. It must be done prior to the Before Landing Check. The Downwind Check should be completed at approximately the following points of various types of short flights:
    1. upon reaching the altitude for transit on a short flight between two nearby aerodromes;
    2. upon turning onto the downwind leg for circuits (normally during a training flight);
    3. prior to commencing an instrument approach procedure on a local flight;
    4. prior to commencing another instrument approach at the same aerodrome after a missed approach from a previous procedure.
  2. Expanded Check - The expanded form of the Downwind Check follows.
  • Autofeather - Off
  • Bleeds - ON
  • Approach Briefing (PF) - Complete
    • See the section on approach briefings for the required content.
  • Downwind Check - Complete

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