6.8. After Flight Duties

  1. Arrival Reports — The Captain is to make any required arrival reports. This duty should not be delegated except that the FO may make arrival reports by radio under the Captain's supervision.
  2. Aircraft Security — When the aircraft is not to be flown for a significant period (such as at the end of a work day), particularly if it will be unattended, it is to be secured. The FO is responsible for its security. If available, the Captain is expected to assist in securing the aircraft. However, security remains the responsibility of the FO unless other arrangements are following:
    1. installation of pitot and static vent covers;
    2. installation of stall warning sensor guards;
    3. installation of intake covers;
    4. installation of landing gear and gear door safety pins;
    5. installation of wheel chocks;
    6. locking of aircraft doors and hatches;
    7. grounding the aircraft;
    8. tying down the aircraft (if required);
    9. installation of wing, and stabilizer covers.

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