7.28. Pilot Incapacitation

  1. General — If either pilot develops a physical condition which could adversely affect the operation of the aircraft, that pilot shall inform the other pilot.
  2. Pilot Incapacitation - Definition — A pilot is deemed to be incapacitated should one or both of the following occur:
    1. the pilot does not respond intelligently to two radio, intercom, or directly spoken communications; and/or
    2. the pilot does not respond to a single verbal challenge and a significant deviation from a standard flight profile has occurred.
  3. Procedure — Should a pilot advise of an incapacitating condition or behave as indicated in the definition of incapacitation (above) the following procedures and considerations apply.
    1. The other pilot shall assume control and ensure that a safe flight profile is maintained.
    2. The autopilot should be engaged.
    3. If available, another crew member should be called to the flight deck.
    4. With the other crew member's assistance (if available), the incapacitated pilot's shoulder harness should be locked and the seat moved fully back. Any other actions should be taken that reduce the likelihood that the incapacitated pilot could adversely affect the control of the aircraft.
    5. The incapacitated pilot may behave unpredictably and uncontrollably. Therefore, if practicable, the incapacitated pilot should be removed from the seat and replaced with another crew member. Similarly, an unconscious or semi-conscious pilot may slump forward onto the controls placing the aircraft in jeopardy.
    6. If it has been necessary to remove an incapacitated pilot from the flight deck, the pilot shall not be permitted to return to duty - even if it appears that the pilot has recovered.
    7. The aircraft should be landed at the nearest aerodrome where suitable medical assistance is available.
    8. No special landing limits or procedures apply.
  4. Command — Regardless of which pilot was assigned as in command at the beginning of the flight, after a pilot incapacitation incident, the remaining pilot shall be "in command" for the remainder of the flight.

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