7.30. Post Evacuation Actions

[It may be in the company's interest to specify the crew's actions in dealing with outside agencies (such as the news media) after an evacuation.]

  1. Command — At the completion of the evacuation the Ranking Crew Member shall be in charge of the passengers and the aircraft until such time as safety of the passengers and the security of the aircraft is provided for.
  2. Actions — After the completion of the evacuation the Ranking Crew Member should ensure that the following are carried out:
    1. By counting the evacuated passengers and crew, determine that all are accounted for.
    2. Keep passengers together to the extent practical and locate them at a safe distance from the aircraft. Passengers may be disoriented and/or in shock. They may tend to wander about, posing a hazard to themselves and others.
    3. Medical attention is provided to passengers that require it.
    4. To the extent practical and necessary, provide passengers with protection from environmental conditions.
    5. Passengers or crew are not to be permitted to return to the aircraft until it is safe to do so.
    6. The aircraft is protected from further damage and from interference if an investigation of the aircraft is likely.

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