7.8. Engine Shutdown (In Flight)

The following is the expanded Engine In Flight Shutdown Checklist. The check is in two phases. Phase 1 is to be followed to initiate the shutdown of an engine in flight where there is time to consult the checklist. Phase 2 is to be used to continue the shutdown after phase 1 or to complete the shutdown subsequent to the Engine Failure/Fire After - After V1 drill or the Engine Failure/Fire - In Flight drill. In either case the check is done by the PNF (and the PF where indicated) with reference to the checklist.

Phase 1
  • Crew/Pax Briefing (PNF) — Complete
    • For an intentional shutdown of an engine in flight when there is sufficient time to consult the checklist, there should also be time to brief the crew and passengers. The information listed in the Emergency Landing check should be used as guide for the information to be passed. If time does not permit a briefing before the shutdown, carry out the briefing as soon as possible afterwards.
  • Control (PF) — Direction & Min V2/Vclimb
    • Maintain directional control. The minimum speed is V2 with any flap, or Vclimb if flapless. Attempt to achieve the optimum attitude which is the slip/skid ball ½ ball width away from the live engine and 5o of bank into the live engine. If the control inputs are optimum the Flight Director will command the correct bank.
  • Power (PNF) Max — Continuous
  • Gear (PNF) — a/r
  • Flaps (PNF) — a/r
    • Flaps may be left at the current setting if not more than ___%. If more than ___% they should be retracted to ___%, unless landing is assured.
  • Affected Engine
    • (C) POWER Lever (PF/PNF) — FLT IDLE
    • (C) Condition Lever (PF/PNF) — FUEL OFF
    • Confirmed Feather — If reqd - ALTERNATE FEATHER
    • (C) T-handle (PF/PNF) — Pull
Phase 2
  • IGNITION-operating engine (PNF) — MANUAL
  • IGNITION-affected engine (PNF) — OFF
  • POWER Levers (PF)
  • HYD Press & Qty (PNF) — Check
  • If abnormal
    • ENG HYD PUMP check (PNF) (Page xx) — Complete
  • NOTE: For ___% Flap Landing: Landing Field Length = ___% Flap Unfactored Landing Distance multiplied by Factor of ___
  • >> WARNING <<
    Level flight may not be possible with one engine inoperative if landing gear and flaps are extended, without exceeding limitations on the operating engine. If practical do not extend landing gear and flaps until in a position to carry out an uninterrupted descent to landing.

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