1.11. Pilot Coordination

  1. General — Pilot coordination is vital to the safe and effective accomplishment of all flights. The pilot has overall responsibility for the safety and success of the operation. During periods of high workload or high stress, it may be very difficult to ensure that critical information is assimilated and acted upon appropriately. It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure that critical information is passed, understood, and acted upon in a manner that fits the situation.
  2. Procedures Description — Procedures and the pilot coordination involved are detailed in tables distributed throughout these SCSOPs. The tables are in two or more vertical columns... Each action is contained in a single lateral row and contains all of the actions and verbal calls of the pilot. The situations are aligned with the left margin. The actions to be taken are shown with a dash "-" and indented one tab stop. Any verbal calls are treated as actions and are distinguished by being enclosed in brackets.
  3. Abnormal and Emergency Procedures — The pilot actions for Abnormal and Emergency situations is discussed in the chapter dedicated to those procedures.

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