1.8. Units of Measure

  1. Unless otherwise specifically stated the following units of measure (and their abbreviations) are used in these SCSOPs and are to be used during the operation of [Aeroplane type] Aeroplane:

    [The units of measure shown here are examples only. The units of measure that are used by your organization should be inserted here. In particular, the units of measure that are used in this section are to be consistent with your Aeroplane Flight Manual. However, most of the items shown will apply to your operation.]

    1. Airspeed: Indicated Airspeed in Knots, (KIAS) [or MPH specified in the AFM or by your company];
    2. Altimeter Setting: Inches of Mercury, (In Hg);
    3. Altitudes, elevations, heights: Feet, (ft, or '), note that heights Above Sea Level (ASL) or Above Ground Level (AGL) imply feet as the unit of measure;
    4. Distances:
      1. Navigation: Nautical Miles, (NM);
      2. Pay calculation: Statute Miles, (SM);
      3. Visibility: Statute Miles, (SM);
      4. short distances (ie. runway length): Feet, (ft, or ');
      5. Very short distances (ie. weight and balance calculation): Inches, (in., or ") [or millimeters (mm) if specified in your AFM];
    5. Fuel:
      1. Volume: Liters, (L);
      2. Weight: Pounds (LBS) [or Kilograms (Kg) if specified by your company];
    6. Horizontal Speed: Knots, (KTS);
    7. Temperature: degrees Celsius, (oC);
    8. Vertical Speed: Feet Per Minute, (FPM)

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