3.13. Holding/Shuttle Procedures Departure/Climb

  1. Aeroplane Configuration — [Specify the procedure that applies to your type of Aeroplane for climbing in a hold or shuttle. Include such information as: speed, flap setting, engine power, and icing considerations. An example follows.] For a climb in a hold, or shuttle climb, use the holding speed and flap setting that is used for a hold during arrival. Normal climb power should be used for a climb in a hold, or shuttle climb. Should icing conditions be encountered, the normal ice protection procedures should be followed. If the speed for inflight icing is in excess of the maximum speed published for the shuttle, climb at the maximum shuttle speed and use up to maximum continuous power to exit icing conditions as soon as possible.
  2. Navigation — [In this sub-section discuss set-up of navigation aids (in particular RNAV systems)].

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