3.3. Before Taxi

[The following example caters to an Aeroplane that can only be taxied from the pilot's (left) seat. If your Aeroplane can be taxied from either the pilot's or co-pilot's seat, amend the following appropriately.]

[The following example caters to an operation that has a flight attendant. If your operation does not use a Flight Attendant, some of the FA's duties will need to be carried out by the pilot.]

Prior to moving the Aeroplane under its own power the "Before Taxi Check" shall be completed. The Aeroplane is normally taxied only from the pilot's seat The expanded "Before Taxi Check" follows.

    • The External Power switch must be selected off to prevent arcing at the ground power receptacle.
  • External Power — Disconnected
  • Chocks — Removed
  • Ground Services — Clear
    • Ensure all ground power equipment, towing tractors, and any other ground support equipment is clear of the Aeroplane prior to taxi.
  • Standby to Taxi (FA) — Cabin secure
    • It is necessary to establish contact with the Flight Attendant (FA) to ensure that passengers are seated prior to taxiing the Aeroplane. Normally the public address system is chimed once to attract the FA's attention prior to this call. The FA should then respond to the challenge of "Standby to Taxi" with the statement "Cabin Secure."
  • Before Taxi Check — Complete

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