3.7. Run-up, Functional Checks, Systems Checks

[Some types of Aeroplane require before take-off a run-up, functional checks, and/or systems checks. If these checks are not done as part of the Before Taxi Check or if the Aeroplane must normally be repositioned due to engine or propeller blast, specify the details of those checks here. Ensure that any safety requirements, such as clearance from buildings or other Aeroplane are specified.]

[The example below is for a fictitious Aeroplane. Insert the relevant procedures for your operation.]

The expanded Run-up, Functional Checks, Systems Checks follow.

    • The Emergency Brakes shall be set to Park prior to the Run-up procedure and checks.
  • Magnetos — Checked
    • Each engine magneto switch shall be checked at Left, Right, and Off; and the Master Magneto switch shall be checked at ON and OFF.
  • Engine RPM — Set to ____ RPM
  • Propellers — Exercised
    • Exercise the propeller levers to minimum and maximum three times. The RPM shall drop at least 500 RPM. Less that 500 RPM drop indicates a faulty CSU. Rectification is required before flight.
  • Run-up Check — Complete

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