3.8. Take-off Procedure

[To the extent practical the Take-off procedure should be concise.]

[The example below is for a fictitious Aeroplane. Insert the relevant procedures for your operation.]

  1. Prior to each take-off the Pilot shall understand the Take-off procedure being utilized. Procedures that are standard as published in these SCSOPs need not be condidered in detail. Should it be necessary to amend the normal procedure as a result of the application of a supplement subsequent to a malfunction, that requirement shall be fully understood. The Take-off procedure shall include the following elements:
    1. Take-off weight;
    2. Flap setting;
    3. If other than standard: Take-off power and Maximum Take-off Power (uptrim power);
    4. Speeds, V1, Vr, V2, Vfri, Vclimb;
    5. Procedures if other than the aerodrome of departure is intended for recovery in the event of an emergency;
    6. Departure procedure;
    7. Climb profile.

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