3.9. Before Take-off Check

[Two common methods of designing checks for completing the before take-off requirements are:
- a single check that is divided into two sections, one for items completed before taxiing into the take-off position, and the second for after taxiing into position;
- two separate checks a "Before Take-off Check" that is completed before taxiing into the take-off position, and a "Runway Check" that is completed after taxiing into position.
In this section, specify the checks and pilot action applicable to your operation. The example in this section is of single check with two sections.

The Before Take-off Check down to the line should be completed by the Pilot approaching the take-off point. At congested Airports the Pilot may elect to only complete this check once in the lineup to depart or prior to taxiing. The initial part of the Before Take-off Check is normally carried out prior to requesting take-off clearance. The expanded Before Take-off Check follows.

  • Standby for Take-off Cabin — Secure
    • It is necessary to establish contact with the Flight Attendant (FA) to ensure that the cabin is secure prior to take-off. Normally the public address system is chimed three times to about one minute before take-off to allow the FA to occupy their assigned station.
  • Flight Controls — Checked
    • The Flight Controls are unlocked at this point. Care should be taken in strong winds.
  • Bleeds — OFF
    • Complete down to the line
  • The check should be held at this point until Take-off clearance is issued by Tower ATC or until requested by the PF
  • Transponder — ON/ALT
    • The transponder should be left at standby until as late as practical before take-off. Then, it should be set to ON and the Altitude Encoding turned on.
    • Turning the Landing Lights on and the Anti-collision Lights to white should be delayed until clearance for take-off has been received from the ATC Tower. If the aerodrome is not controlled by a Tower then the lights should be selected as soon as the Aeroplane taxies onto the runway.
  • Altimeters — Checked
    • The pilot,co-pilot and stand by altimeters should be checked against the runway elevation (if available) and against each other.
  • Compasses — Set/Checked
    • The compasses should be set if required and compared to the runway bearing.
  • Before Take-off Check — Complete

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