4.2. Cruise Check

The Cruise Check is to be done only if an After Take-off Check has been completed. If an After Take-off Check has not been completed, as would occur for a short flight, a Downwind Check is to be done, and the Cruise Check omitted. Upon reaching the target cruising altitude the Pilot shall make the required ATC level call and allow the Aeroplane to accelerate to the planned cruise speed and complete the Cruise Check as follows.

  • Power — Set
    • Set the appropriate cruise power for the temperature, altitude and planned cruise profile.
  • NOTE
    It may be necessary to reset the engine power after the Aeroplane speed has stabilized.
  • Altimeters — Checked
  • Pressurization — Checked
    • Confirm sufficient fuel for the planned flight. If appropriate begin a fuel log.
  • Cruise Check — Complete

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