4.5. Navigation

[It is not possible for us to make very detailed recommendations about standard procedures for navigation. The subject has too many variables. However, we have indicated a few subject areas that you may wish to address for your operation.]

  1. General — To the extent practical all available navigation equipment should be set to provide navigation information. Guidance for use of RNAV systems is found in the next section.
  2. Navigation Displays — [Information on set-up of Navigation Displays is found in Chapter 1. Additional guidance for the en route phase of flight may be inserted here.]
  3. Compass Setting Procedures — [In this sub-section discuss the following as it applies to your operation.
    1. If the compass system on your Aeroplane is not magnetically synchronized, insert the setting procedures for en route flight.
    2. If you operate into the Northern Domestic Airspace (area of compass unreliability) discuss the compass setting and astro navigation procedures here.]

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